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By Authorizing and Accepting this agreement on Monday, December 6, 2021 - 16:29, I (with IP Address: hereby agree to allow Taktik Enterprises, Inc and its subsidiaries to publish my business, logos and other digital assets for the express purpose of including and promoting my venue to its users as outlined on this form submission. I further understand that there is a one-time set up fee for each new program that I opt to participate in that includes a published offer for program card holders and agree to pay the one-time set up fee prior to being published and once published and I understand that Taktik Enterprises, Inc. reserves the right to remove your listing should they receive 3 or more complaints in any one-year period from any of its Card Holders for non-compliance in honoring your published offer and your venue shall not be eligible for any refund of set-up fees paid. You agree at all times to honor your published offer to valid card holders of the respective program(s) that you have opted to participate in. REGULAR FEE SCHEDULE FOR ONE-TIME SETUP OF INITIAL PARTIPCATION SETUP FOR: -One Program First Location - $699 -Two Programs First Location - $999 -Three Programs First Location - $1199 -Each Additional Locations (regardless of number of programs participating in)- $249. Additional Discounts, promotions and/or terms that may be applicable and approved by an authorized representative shall be applied upon confirmation of details from your representative and noted accordingly on final invoice to follow. There are NO FEES associated with your participation in our program(s) and your participation in the selected programs shall include ongoing Update Requests to your published Kids Eat Free Card, VIP Shop & Dine 4Less Card and/or Play 4Less Card listings for as long as your account is in good standing and for as long as you opt to continue participation in the program(s) for the venues identified under this agreement. Additional venue location listings or participation in additional programs beyond this agreement, may be subject to subsequent set-up fees.
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